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MJ thinks nothing of it when she is asked to work undercover in a North London pub. It is a welcome distraction from missing her boyfriend, who is currently halfway across the world.


Dani Greene, the newly appointed manager at the King’s Arms, seems anything but suspicious. However, it soon becomes clear that the pub has a tarnished past, and MJ becomes increasingly wary of the burly head doorman Warren, but is there a connection? What is she really looking for?


As MJ gets to grips with leading a double life, her personal and family relationships start to crumble. With her defences down, she takes solace in a pair of arms, an action she will soon come to regret.


When she is faced with blackmail, MJ’s decision-making results in lives being put at risk, including her own.



Double Shot

What you don’t know, won’t hurt you … or will it?

With a stand-off in the pub, which secrets will be exposed, and which will remain hidden?

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