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MJ, an inquisitive barmaid, thinks nothing of it when one of the pub regulars tells her about his wife’s suspicious behaviour.

With a little digging, MJ discovers his wife is having an affair with a leading figure from the tourism industry; an industry which starts to become the target of deadly attacks. 

As the incidents start to get personal, MJ finds herself inadvertently in the eye of the storm. Caught up in a deadly vendetta, she starts to question her relationships with those around her. Who can she trust?


As jealousy and hatred come to the boil and the perpetrator is exposed, MJ sets out to prevent the final act of rage.  

Get ready for a gripping read with a twist in its tail . . .

Reader Reviews

"Every page has a punch and a twist. Brilliant storytelling. Witty and clever. A remarkable ability to transform the reader straight into the actual story. Can’t wait for the next episode. Please. Let there be more."


"An exciting and thrilling read. True to life, with many twists and curve balls along the way. You won't want to put it down. Just cannot wait for the sequel. Get writing Heather Egerton."

"Impressive debut novel. Egerton takes the apparently mundane everyday cycle of city and business life and twists it into something interesting and compelling. I look forward to more from her ‘pen’."

"A brilliant book, a real page-turner! The characters are believable and likeable and I was really invested in the storyline. I love a good thriller and this didn't disappoint- I couldn't put it down! Thoroughly enjoyed it!"

"Anyone who has ever visited London, worked as a bartender or waiter, has been in the hospitality industry, or just enjoys intriguing storylines will enjoy this book!"

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